Tuesday, September 2, 2008

NetBeans recap Aug ' 08

Its the beginning of the month September, I realize I should check all the things I've done on the netbeans, since next month, about mid October we will the release the final 6.5, each day is very exciting new fixes and feature has been integrated in every development build release. Also today when I check the "Move the Needle" program which I was officialy accepted just last week, i was amazed by its result I am doing doing 868 hits ( wow, its doing good. On Issue Zilla I do have 40 issues (Issue List) as of this moment, 2 P1, 3 P2 and the rest P3 issues, I hope devac now and me could figure out what really the problem of the Netbeans JavaScript Plugin on IE7, its doing pretty good on Mozilla Firefox, just this IE7. heres the link maybe you could help us :0) I will try this now on glassfish 3, maybe its with the deployment on Save stuff feature, but the IDE is quite stable and fully functional when browser get crash, We cannot also find good trace on dbmon.exe tools. maybe if you have good tools may we borrow it? :0) . anway this is how really fun begin and things get interesting. And lastly im proud of having 289 points in NetCat (! its really hard to earn those points, but its fun a lot of fun and learning to, collorabting each other idea.

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