Saturday, September 13, 2008

IMO Chrome

I was playing chrome 2 weeks now, since it release on first week of september. I have different browser installed on my machine before then, using Firefox 3, Safari,  MS IE7  and Opera. Im switching those IE in my web developement. In Two weeks duration of using chrome I  found out that it has indeed many advatages from the other browser, one thing very noticeble is its speed, this is because chrome was design for multi threaded browser, if you are running on windows platform you can inspect it in your Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc), each tab has it own thread and of course it process independently. It has also a lot of goodies for development, and it is enabled by default from fresh intallation of chrome, unlike firefox and Safari, we need to download plug-in for it or tweak the configuration to browser setting to enabled such functionaltiy. Chrome has this Javascript Console that works the same as firefox firebug, selecting elements on it will highlight the page view.One very cool about its development tools is the browser has Task Manager(Shift+Esc) itself, pages name, memory usage, cpu and network statistics is there, if we want to look statistics summary it has by clicking the Stats for nerd links at bottom left of the Task Manager. And overall strenght of chrome is its Javascript, Cnet has a benchmark(click this link) for this. I think this time around the XML will then replace by JSon.  I hope soon well have the Netbeans Javascript on chrome, this browser totally rocks.

And if we wanted to have secure browsing chrome has the incognito(Ctrl+Shift+N) browser, I like its incognito logo, im googling half an hour now I cannot find it, I guess google just hide this incognito perhapse it was its name(hehehe), I think i'd better  post it on, Lastly It has  a simple and very nice look and feel, very professional. 

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