Monday, September 22, 2008

Hibernate 3.2 support on NetBeans 6.5

got frameworks for model? how about hibernate? unlike before we manually plug the framework to the IDE, before we can fully utilized it but, on 6.5 it is fully supported for hibernate 3.2, no need to download or plug-in it in, and of course we can disabled it as we wanted. Its already included under JavaEE distribution standard package. Creating new hibernate artifact is very straight forward. it comes with the folder file selection. we could choose wizzard to create such Hibernate Configuration File, Hibernate Mapping File, Hibernate Mapping Files, POJOs from Database and the HibernateUtil Java and lastly the Hibernate Reverse Engineering File Editor Support. and I guess most of us would prefer to have wizzard to do things for us, so that we will more focus on business logic rather than solving the Object relation mapping thing that will eat our precious time. So this is really a good feature for hibernate users.

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