Thursday, August 14, 2008

Netbeans 6.5 Beta Out

As I open and read my NetCat mailing list folder just this 6:30 am. The cats talks about the nb 6.5 beta is already out wooooowww finally, it is on the Download page. Unfortunately they should change the front page first to get it noticed, though there a new noticeable yellow new button label "Download netbeans IDE". Anyway this is really cool 6.5  are almost done. I think this time around i should migrate all my projects to the 6.5 beta version, its faster than 6.1. and I like also the Compile/Deploy on save. Also I wanted to have a little taste of Grovy and Grails scripting and frameworks. I really feel sorry for myself when one of my netcat colleague Josh Juneau ( talks about Groovy and I cant even interact with him. Its fine I have already the book Programming Groovy beside me... heheheh. The book is approximately 300 pages. whheeewww this gonna be a tough reading, anyway this is fun, after reading this book Im sure there another new information will running through the neurons of my brain.  Heres the cover of the book I've got.

I played the beta release this whole day. I Found out its pretty stable... wow great! It has a lot of fun, you should try too. One thing I got interested today is that Greg Murray confirm about me the release of JMaki plug-in support for Netbeans 6.5, We thought JMaki will not continue its journey since one of our NetCat colleague Tony from Sun told us so, but he was wrong. hehehe. "JMaki still alive and kicking... whhheewww" in fact 1.8 is beta now. Anyway heres that conversation thread we made , Sun Kim was really happy about the news I brought cool :0).  Greg also told me if I am interested to test the Jmaki plug-in release , of course that was I wanted to be, Sun Kim also wants. hehehe I think soon we must have a some kind of netcat community for JMaki, hhmm how do we called it? maybe JMonkey (joke...) . The First Customer Ship(FCS) will going to release this mid of October. This is exciting one month to go... below is the RoadMap as of to date I write this blog. 

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