Saturday, August 9, 2008

Deploy on Save

Netbeans 6.5 has a new feature which is the "Compile/Deploy on Save". Which means that the IDE will automatically compile your java file into class or Deploy your JSP file into your server automatically upon saving your project. This feature really helps a lot, I am working on Java EE, upon editing my jsp sources, I dont need to hit F6 or Run the projects in order for my changes to the jsp will take affect. i'l just have to save the jsp file by pressing the shortcut keys CTRL+S or File menu "Save". The IDE will automatically incremental deploy the project to the server. All I've got to do is to hit refresh to my browser for me to inspect the changes I made from my IDE Editor. Isn't cool feature right? it save a lot of time.  Running or Redeploying the web application project each time we made changes is too costly, it take a lot of time to get hook to the application into the server.

This feature also was applicable to Glassfish and TomCat. I tried it already and it functions smoothly.Publish Post


  1. Its a nice feature . But have a doubt when we save it will every time deploy the project ?

  2. yes it will, just enabled the deploy on save on the your project property and everything will works will. it really need boast your works.

    and im using it.

    anyway if you have problem with this feature let me know so that we can discuss it further.