Tuesday, August 19, 2008

NB65 JavaScript Debugger

I end up this day working with JavaScript, working on JavaScript pretty easy now a days on NetBeans 6.5, the IDE will generate [r/o] or readonly jsp files if im not mistaken from the current pages the browser is loading, it automatically shows all the import javascript(.js) and uri the pages it uses like the one you see if your are going to right-click the web pages and see the view source file, and the good thing is it is inside the IDE, the IDE generate the web source pages with proper indention, Editor color coding feature. You can used the CTRL+Shift+F the generated jsp to make more the tag more readable and properly formatted. This nb65 JavaScript feature also needs the browser default or native if you prefer Script Debugger. Im using Internet Explorer 7(ie7) . So I need to install first the Script Debugger from microsoft before I can used this feature. you can find the MS Script debugger in this link

Heres the step how to used the new Netbeans JavaScript Debugger with IE MS Script debugger.
1. On Netbeans Project Explorer, right Click the your web project root node and select properties.
2. The Project properties Dialog should appear and select the Debug node. see below.

note: There are two checked box you can select both or select only one. In our case we must select Debug Web Application(Client Side).
3. Try to Run the project on debug mode (CTRL+F5 or F4). The IDE now will check the Browser Default Script Debugger, If it finds one it will continue loading but if it doesnt find, it will prompt you to download your native browser, anyway the message prompt is very friendly it will guide directly you to download page. or if you used IE 7 you can visit and install with the given link above prior doing this step.
4. The IDE will generate the [r/o] jsp files or the sources of the current page it load. By the way prior to the start-up page the IDE will load the Netbeans JavaScript Editor page first and it will redirect to your start-up page. The page will load very quickly, maybe you can not notice it, this is how it looks.

5. Upon working on your pages loading and reloading , the Microsoft Script Debugger will autmatically launch if it encounter problem with your pages. And that if you havent run the MS Script Editor first. And here how it looks.

Were Done...

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