Monday, July 14, 2008

The Master of Nothing

It has been said "The Jack of all threads is the Master of nothing"...

The below story or article if you prefer is just for fun and evaluation only for the said phrase.

One day there was a System Developer who applied for a IT position in a certain company whose business domain is Technology. The developer came from the company of none technology business. The developer puts all the skills he had in sequence where he is interested in HR form, After he fill them up he then scheduled for interview. At the interview room, the developer explain and described all the things that he have done and built. The interviewer now gave a pen and the whiteboard and site a problem case and ask the developer to write an Oracle PLSQL, the session is done with the topic still the Oracle PLSQL. Although the developer uses database for a long time, but then the developer was not expecting that the session will be more focus on database. Some of the PLSQL he wrote was wrong and he is aware , since he has a lot of technology running to all neurons in his brain. The system developer is really getting hard time remembering all the right syntax for PLSQL because he had only the pen and a whiteboard.

After the 30 minutes session, the system developer was given the change to ask any question. The developer now ask what could be the result of his interview and he asking for advice to further enhance his carreer? The interviewer tell the developer a passage "Jack of all Threads is the Master of Nothing" and they preferred the masters of something. Yes! exactly that was the perfect description of the developer.

Now lets try to tweak the passage...

Lets have a case scenario, a simulation problem. The current setting, is we have two database servers, one is Oracle and the other is the Domino server both of them running on linux platform. The requirement is pretty straight forward.


1. Build an interface(Jobs or an interface) that will communicate those two databases.

2. Push the data to domino and process and fetch back to Oracle and update the Oracle schema, Or vice versa.

see the figure below:

Now, We have a ORACLE PLSQL wizzard that could write a script and execute it with the blink of an eye even if it has a millions of rows. Oracle PLSQL wizzard only knows the structure of RDBMS database, she/he has no idea whats in the inside of Domino and of course PLSQL has a limitation and its beyond its capabilities so obviously that is IMPOSSIBLE to PLSQL Wizzard. Likewise we have a brilliant domino designer who could build a fantastic domino database. Domino designer only knows formula, lotus notes and java scripting and also only the structure of its domain . Still its IMPOSSIBLE.

How about working them together and exposes its own domain, yes its possible. but the questions is how long? do they can really figure it out? or one of them may become someday a master of nothing also because they have to learn each technology.

Now here comes the master of nothing. of COurse master of nothing knows lots of technology, lets just pretend he had been on Oracle, Lotus notes and core Java.To make the story short she/he just built a so called Java interface agent for simplicity that will hold as a bridge of communication between to those two database.And so the request is now then addressed.

Summary figure below.

Now which one will you prefer

the master of something who believe something is impossible


the master of nothing who believe nothing is impossible.

It seems like the three keyword sounds the perfect formula for the word innovation and it goes like this.
innovation = nothing is impossible;

And believe me the master of nothing could surpass any wizzard and the Gurus if he/she is going to focus on certain technology, Why? Obviosly the master of nothing has a lot of good techniques and concepts from the other technology. and she/he could combine and apply them to a certain technology he/she is working on and in the end as a result,it is some kind of hybrid concepts.

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