Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Im on NetBeans 6.5 (netCAT)

As I visit the netbeans CATS website.

I am happy and honored that my name was there in the list, number 41 among 60 selected across the globe.I tried to find whose with me from the Philippines on the list but I found null. Huh! Its okay I will try my best to share all I've got. I already have the netbeans 6.5 milestone 1 installed in my PC. I am very excited to open the new release. It was in deed fast, faster than the previous release which was the very first thing I notice. And second is when I open the Open Project Dialog Box"", the Icon of the root project was change to the specific type of project see pic below.

and also the quick search under my menu bars.

Im sure there a lot of things to discover... and so im on netCAT... woooowwww...

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