Saturday, July 19, 2008

"Here we go again..."

We are now on the state of Community Acceptance Testing(netCAT) of netbeans 6.5. Everyday I am very excited opening my email to see all the reports and what is the progress on the project . It was really cool, reading all those netcat participant collaborating each other idea and so with my concerned they really pay attention to it, the community and the neatbeans dream team. I already had a lot submitted issues and feature enhancement

The build 200807170007 is really cool, it has an Excetion Reporter that we the QA participant can use to easily report any exception from the IDE itself.

New Cool Splash Screen was also release on this build.

Stay tune for this version of netbeans will surely ROCKS your world...

Here we go again...

Feature Highlights

NetBeans 6.5 is an update release defined by a relatively short release cycle and a targeted list of primary features, mostly notably in the area of PHP editing & debugging, Ajax dynamic page authoring, and database tooling. NetBeans 6.5 will build on features that were available in 6.1 from the main distribution or via update center. These include the JavaScript editor, Ruby & Rails tooling, jMaki, PHP early access and JavaScript debugger preview.

NetBeans 6.5 will continue to build on its core values -- the superior out-of-the-box experience and excellent support for Java SE/EE/ME platform features. Although not a primary focus of this release, incremental improvements will be made to the Java SE & EE tools infrastructure which will benefit the end user in the form of increased responsiveness and robustness.

NetBeans 6.5 will address some of the deficiencies in the Project system area to make it more flexible with respect to custom project structures. This should make it easier for users to migrate their existing projects to NetBeans.

As with 6.1, a set of pre-configured NetBeans distributions will be available, allowing users to tailor the download and installation experience according to the technologies they are most likely to need. With the emergence of first class tools for PHP in 6.5, a new configuration will be added to the download page providing an IDE environment optimized for PHP.

Native packages will be produced for Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, etc), and OpenSolaris IPS

NetBeans 6.5 will support GlassFish v2 ur2 (SJSAS91_UR2). The IDE will require Java SE 6 to run, although development of applications targetting previous Java SE versions will still be supported.

In addition to GlassFish v2, NetBeans 6.5 will bundle and support a limited release of GlassFish v3 targeted at web tier development currently known as "v3 Lite". Since v3 is not a replacement for v2, both appservers will be bundled with the Web/JavaEE and Full distributions. The GlassFish v3 Ruby runtime support will be bundled with the NetBeans Ruby distribution.

The UML toolset will undergo significant changes to replace the closed source graph library, Tom Sawyer, with the open source NetBeans Visual Library. A limited number of UI enhancements and optimizations will be included as a result of this migration.

The core platform in NB 6.5 will be compatible with the previous 6.x releases. All core APIs previously declared as _stable_ will be supported. However, certain changes to the Generic Scripting Framework (GSF) and Java Parsing API infrastructure may require incompatible changes in this area. Clients depending on the 6.1 version of GSF and the Java Parsing API will need to be updated to work with NB 6.5.

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