Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Build (How it does and what it brings)

It seems like Netbeans 6.5 getting hotter and hotter in every development build release. This week we releases 3 devevelopment build 200807221016, 200807240010 and just yesterday the 200807251401 which I download just now 50% on progress to be exact(heheheh). Each build brought new cool enhancement and user/developer experience whhhheeewww, it keep me excited and think always what I can test to the new build comming this week, I just cant wait to see the new innovation what it looks like and how it does.

Issues and Enhancement are properly handled with the NB dreamteam. QA participants ( are very passionate about each other idea, sharing and collaborating each other experience. The very interesting thing I notice that upon reading each other mail thread even if its not my domain, Ive learn something new that I never thought it could be woooww. I guess this is the benifit of working on the open source community projects, learning curve is very rapid, discovering new things, solution is just in the mail thread. Sometimes I may think that reading such kind of a like mail thread is the best materials to learn than reading a book that just tell you the straight forward process, but still we have to read books inorder for us to relate the buzzword that they are talking about(heheheh). I could remember one phrase that "Human knowledge belong to the world..."

So just for now. I have to go, my download is about to complete I need to clean-up my Operating System(OS) first to prepare for the installation of this new build, let me taste the new develoment build 200807251401...

"...How it does and what it brings..."

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