Monday, July 28, 2008

The Reviewer

I remember long time ago when I have a conversation with one of my friend which is very good and fluent in english both speaking and written. She said, everyday in her work shes manipulating 26 characters [a-z] making an article. I made a joke to her, good for you, you have a lot of choices 26 characters, In my world I've only known 2 characters, the zero and ones [0,1]. She just smiled... Documentation is one of the developers weakness...

On netbeans community, we have this documents tutorial that we need to profread and review to make sure it will still applicable and runnable on netbeans 6.5 version that is currently on milestone 1. The NetCat 65 was given an opportunity to select the list for review document, each document worth 5 netcat point. And so I decided to get one, I pick the Tutorial for Web Applications.

not knowing that the steps are very long, When I open the page, whhheewww, this is a bloody walk through(hehehe). Since my name is already there, so I have no choice but to review it. I review the document 3 times and run on Netbeans 6.5 three times, it was 100% functional on NetBeans 6.5 development build 200807251401. Huh! that was a really pretty tough review.After I finnished the review I sent some comments to James(

So heres my comment and suggestions, I've seen that must change to the tutorial(Tutorial for Web Applications).

In Section "Creating a web project from the provided source files"
  • In Step 1, "Select Web Project with Existing Sources" on 6.5 it was change to "Web Application with Existing Sources".
  • In Step 7., There is no necessary to select for the root ($UNZIPHOME). The IDE automatically fetch the imported sources.
In Section "Adding the methods to process requests and to create a cookie"
  • In Step 3, the phrase "Click Alt-Enter in the line with the error and notice that the IDE presents a suggestion of how to solve the error:
Pressing directly the Alt+Enter without positioning the cursor will not display the suggestion menu, So it must be rephase inorder for the shorcut keys(Alt+Enter) will work. I suggest to have this phrase below.

"Place the cursor in the error line with the light bulb on the left margin and press Alt-Enter.Notice that the ide presents a suggestion of how to solve the error:"

In Section "Creating the parameter files used to handle user input".
  • In Step 3. The root directory("WEB-INF/docs/") was ommited.
Folder : WEB-INF/docs/parameters must change to Folder : parameters

In Section "Enabling the HTTP Monitor"
  • In Step 4, "Runtime window" was change to "Services window" and "Start HTTP Server" was change to "Start"
That was all my comment and suggestion, I hope this will take affect soon, coz NetBeans 6.5 is almost in its final release. I marked the document...

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