Saturday, January 19, 2008

Web Framework's Experience

I have been studying lots of frameworks this days not just for research but i must because my company has these outsource web apps built in different framework. And take not take note I was the only one Java developer they got, huh! pretty tough right!(hehehe). Anyway they got this web apps called Customer Feedback System(CFS) build in Struts 1 framework, it was develop before for some group of student but the problem here is it was not done, so I will finished the system, I find lots of hard time debugging their Struts framework since no turn over, no documentation so i must digg it my self from Backend design to Frontend, and they implement the MVC in the wrong way, i guess those guys don't really know what is MVC and why they use Framework, anyway they are just student many things to learn. I manage to continue and somehow separate the overlapping View layer to Controller and Model and vice versa and it was quite easy for me to get hook to their apps since i have already experience in whole life Cycle of Struts Framework.

Here comes again another web apps called Subsidiary Ledger(SL) it was built in Java Server Face(JSF), Spring MVC and Hibernate in Model, the good thing is it was already done and running already in production. And here comes the user request enhancement come, As a solo flight Java application Developer I must learn and get hook with the three Framework, whew! lots of googling these time, Thanks to Shang Shin from Sun, He has this site, it really helps a lot for me to get started with the framework and also he also recommended some book to read from his site.

As what I experience I really enjoyed learning some new things, I find each framework has these different strength. Stuts is very good in Controller and easy to implement, very straight forward.
Spring MVC is also good, no wonder it is very hot today Dependency Injection works well, separation of interface from implementation, decoupling an Objects. JSF is very good in View using EL expression and Backing bean, unlike Struts i find painful to implement in View layer and struts also not so good interaction with Ajax. And of course the Hibernate on the Model layer, this framework is very helpful doing CRUD(Create,Retrieve,Update,Delete), unlike before Im using native JDBC and I find it is not a good thing to do since it prevent the portability of the application, bare with me i came from PC base system development were using native SQL in communicating the Database.

So to sum up... I've learn and enhance my skill in ...
  • Struts 1.9
  • Spring MVC
  • Hibernate
  • JSF
  • and also the new framework from Sun which I also like the Jmaki (web 2.o stuff).
am scripting, since i was the only web apps developer, Ive learn...
  • JavaScript
  • Ajax(XMLHttpRequest object)
  • XML(for configuration, wiring and initialization of objects)
  • a little bit of CSS(theres a lot of free CSS from net that we can download).
  • and of course JSON.
see a lot of things to consider building the web world... whewww... but if feels good. I think these is now the trend for application now a days since theres a web 2.0 stuff like Jmaki, Echo2, JSF UI and other View framework that can make an application like more desktop apps.So for all of you PC Base developer right there try to jump to Web Apps.

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