Saturday, January 19, 2008

Java IDE

Searching the net using keyword Best Java IDE you would end up with blogs with WAR, no wonder if we are going to build an java web apps we end up with WAR too(joke ..), Im a netbeans guy, I start developing java apps in netbeans 5. Now Im a great fun of Netbeans, specially Netbeans 6 now is out, lots of feature and enhancement of has been added.

We got this project from outsource firm that was built in Eclipse platform and we end up their contract and now we are in the state of take over what they've build in short we are going to enhance. whheww... am I going to transfer to eclipse? I've research about eclipse, I also find lots of developer talking about fastest and the SWT stuff over Swing, and I think eclipse is good too. But as what I experience in Netbeans, I never find problem in building apps, it is an simply amazing, I think it is just a complete IDE, theres a lot of online document and video tutorial too(, as what they said Netbeans simply ROCKS. Neatbeans has this plugin that you can easily import eclipse project so my problem was solves. Now sun has full support for netbeans, I think next release of netbeans has a lot of new exciting stuff.

Now heres my challenge, We are using Oracle Database and oracle has this Java IDE too JDeveloper, my superior wanted me to build our new apps in JDeveloper, their idea is we are going to utilize all the tools that oracle can give us since were using their database. I been already explain to them that database has no connection in building that web apps and also Netbeans has plugin for Oracle Toplink(take note I been explaining to none Java people). This superior of mine has no experience in java or web application, its really hard for me to explain what really like to build an web application. We are not in the same frequency. So to make the story short, I agreed to build new apps to JDeveloper. I must make a research and study now JDeveloper, I find Oracle has this good framework too, Oracle ADF and ADFUI.

But I will never leave Netbeans, I still use it to build my personal kind of stuff(hehehe). I have a great believe in Netbeans that soon this we'l become a great java IDE.

Question is how to handle this kind of situation like explaining to people that has no experience on particular technology? anybody?


  1. I'm not sure you'll be able to convince your manager without finding something that Netbeans offer and JDeveloper doesn't and that would be a hard thing to find.
    After all JDeveloper is quite a powerful tool.
    And if you take into account the ADF framework that comes with it, and how it simplifies building JSF/EJB 3 based applications - you might end up convinced that your manager actually did the right thing.
    Try to follow this tutorial and see what you think after it:

  2. Hi Shay! Thanks for your prompt comments. Yes you are right I may not able to convince my superior on this matter. And for your advise, yes theres a lots of things to explore in JDeveloper. And if could give me some idea bout the big advantage of Jdeveloper it would be highly appreciated.