Friday, December 10, 2010

DB2 Scripting Environment

By default DB2 installer comes w/ the client tools. It has Command Line Tools, General Administration Tools , Monitoring Tools and etc. Since I am new to DB2 database, I still need to explore the default tools comes from the box. Though the tools can do the job, I find it very unproductive, I mean creation of SQL /or SQL PL is pain in the ass. No feature that most of the modern Integration Development Environment(IDE) built such as Auto-Complete, SQL formatting, etc.  and the return error seems to be low level that sometimes we need to explore to the different forum in order to understand what was the problem cause, very time consuming. I decided to explore any open source IDE for DB2 Scripting. I was a heavy Oracle database user before and I was using TOAD for Oracle to do my scripting and database comunication, So I search if there such thing as TOAD for DB2 and luckily it has in deed an IDE for DB2 databases, and the good thing is, it has a freeware version . :)  I start using the IDE, it makes me comfortable in SQL PL scripting.

And heres a little advice if your new to DB2 or Oracle database , Using such IDE it helps boost your learning and understanding  on the database objects and its  architecture. 

Check out the Download link >

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