Tuesday, December 14, 2010

BPI Globe broadband Tattoo

Oopps, my ordered unlimited BPI 24/7 globe broadband package just arrived at my office today, get excited to open it and see the Philippine flag design, Im not after w/ the internet connection, I already have wired connection in my home, just wanted to have the limited edition of its design. :) , anyway I follow the instruction and install the driver on my sweet MacBook Pro 10.6.5. After the installation, then I tried to connect using the device, unfortunately the modem failed to  connect and what worst is there is no error on the globe broadband application being return.. no troubleshoot section on the user manual.  so guessing time, haha! , So I tried to check the network settings on my Mac and I found from that there is a new modem on the list, HUAWE mobile modem and check it settings, I discover  that the globe installer wizard failed to set the Telephone number for the modem to dial. so to fix I set the Telephone number field to *99***1#.

 As I surf and download huge files, I am satisfied w/ its speed, I am getting a download speed of 110kb/s not bad for a wireless internet connection. cool huh! :) . But what I liked the most is the design, cool!. 

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