Friday, January 8, 2010

last day @ aboitiz

Today Jan. 08, 2010 is my last day of my job as team lead on a local progressive company. For the past years about 2 years and 3 months,it was a very productive year working there, i started as a java, lotus notes and oracle forms developer and year after got promoted as a application team lead. i was also proud to say that for a little duration of time i was able to deploy 3 projects to production from the scratch, built by myself alone. Its fun building application from the scratch alone from designing back-end to front-end specially on n-tier type / j2ee of application, i really enjoy every single technique and idea i put on it, it feels like a great accomplishment when saw the application use on production, saw those end user uses the application helping to their daily work routine. At this very moment i still feel not leaving the company. still my mind-set is on the evolution of the system which get implemented. i wanted to see the application evolve as the end-user requirement changes. But it seems that it will take time for them to realize and file for enhancement and change request.

so to pilmico thanks for the growth. i learned a lots of things on my field of expertise though not that highly standard. thanks...

the only main sole reason for leaving is i wanted to be globally competitive in the field of technology, i wanted to contribute to the world the guts i have. ;;))

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