Friday, July 31, 2009


Last March 2009 our company purchase an Oracle Java I training in Makati Philippines for me to explore and evaluate the Oracle JDeveloper tools and ADF frameowrk. The training objective is for us to build a Java EE application using the Oracle JDeveloper tools and its standard framework Oracle Application Developement Framework(ADF). Building J2EE application on Jdeveloper is very declarative, wel just have to drag and drop component we need and bind eact other, Jdev will do the coding upon each user event take places. And Yes it is a good thing for us developer, this can boast more our productivity, we only need to focus to the business logic since the IDE will do the code word for us. isn't cool right?

BUT there are many disadvantage that noticed in this kind of approach, When taking the Oracle Java I training, I have a lot of colleuge that never new how does the framework does in the inside, even though the instructor describe and explain the framework such as ADF, JSF and also the structure of the J2ee application. I noticed when using the JDeveloper, the student dont realy need to focus on the back-end code. they focus on dragging and droping component; and this has big problem when someone needs to undo or edit its work, they dont know how and where to locate that code and what to inject or how to call other objects, since they are just taught to make and drag and drop object.

I suggest for a newbie J2ee developer, before adapting the drag and drop IDE, you should/must get your hands dirty first and understand fully how the servlet and the framework does.

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