Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Save time by Enabled Preview(Alt+Shift+P)

As i played the javaFX code on the netbeans editor, when i want to see the result of my code i constanly run the project using the hotkey F6 or just by pressing the green play icon(RUN) on toolbar, and the IDE will then start compiling and run the project. Every time i execute the RUN, I felt like it eat a lot of my time to just see and figure out the result of just little bit change of code.I notice that there is the Enabled Preview icon(eye like icon above the IDE editor), when i try to using it, it display the output of my code abruptly and what makes more interesting which i discover is that, when leaving the preview window open and i change my code on the IDE editor, the preview window will automatically display the effect the changes as i code it. I find very helpful when dealing with coordinates and defining the properties of the object during initial set-up and, this is fun, it saves a lot of time.


  1. Thats Great...

    I saw the Preview icon... But I don't think that it is so helpful...

    Thanks Allen.

    Mirko Bonadei

  2. hi Mirko, yes indeed it is very helpful when we code javaFX. Try to open it and leave the preview window open and then edit your code on editor. As long as there is no error in your code the preview window will automatically refresh.