Thursday, July 31, 2008

Got 127 cats points

Its seems that I got a high score as of July 25, 2008 on netCat, I may be the only one selected participant from the country Philippines but I manage to be competitive. Findings bugs and brain storming to file for enhancement on each in every release is quite difficult. Sometimes I file but then I got an email stating that my issues were DUPLICATE means that theres already one file that issues before me, huh! this is very difficult, in order for to find one, you must be creative and think something that could malfunction the IDE somehow to file unique issues. The Exception Reporter built-in on the new NetbBeans 6.5 really help us a lot for reporting

It seems like bugs is afraid of 60 cats who are very hungry, lurking and waiting to attack (joke...).

We are on the the milestone 2 release this month, Milestone 2 has a good feature on ajax debugger.

Below are the new cool feature for Java scripting for Netbeans 6.5 M2:
  • Supported browsers
    • Firefox
  • Add & delete breakpoints in JavaScript code
  • View & navigate JavaScript Callstack
  • View & navigate source artifacts
  • Manage debugger session
  • View local variables
  • Set & delete watches
  • View browser DOM in the IDE
  • View CSS styles for DOM elements
  • Monitor AJAX transactions
  • J2EE Project integration
    • Debug Client Session: Run the project and launch a JavaScript debugging session in NetBeans, attached to the default desktop browser where the clienPublish Postt-side application is running
    • Source Mapping: Correlate a client-side application (browser DOM) identified by a URI with the corresponding source file in the J2EE project.

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