Saturday, June 28, 2008

IDE as a Platform

Building an application from the scratch is really painful, you have to code all the mdi, menus, shortcut and other necessary/basic functionality of an desktop application. How about building it on top of other platform which has already have the environment that you can take used, all you have to do is to customize it according to your needs. And i think this is really a nice idea so that we as programmer can focus more on business logic. since all the functions and behavior of an basic application is already right there. we just have add, enable and disable certain function that will fit to our needs, this is also called RCP "Rich Client Programming" or "Rich Client Platform".
In this new concept we can boost our creation of desktop application.I found it on netbeans. it is base on modules, which was built from many little chunk of and form into one functional platform. you can enhance it and use it according to your own needs.

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