Thursday, June 26, 2008

Deepdive netbeans in Manila

last June 17, 2008 i am one of the attendies of sun tech days, the topic that days is the hot netbeans 6.1. As i sat in my chair i can hear the voice from my back, front and to my side saying "WOW", .. i cannot barely hear the speaker whats being talk. the others i saw taking picture of the slides. i ask about them why they made that so coz i notice every change of slide they capture the image of it throught its cam, they said they are lazy., inorder to get the document they have to used thier cam instead of writing it. cool... very resourceful. (hehehe) They are really impressed the new netbeans, the way 6.1, very cool. from building SE, EE and ME applications the IDE is simply creative, very powerful enough to boost your creation.

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