Saturday, March 8, 2008

What will the Future of Java Development Be?

I watch the conference from QCon subjected as "What will the Future of Java Development Be? "
This is just my own perspective, Java will become an major player language 2-5 years from this present, now that Web 2.0 boom starting last year or so. Web application is becomming the new standard in developing company new systems now a days coz of its lightweight in nature, of course Java EE/ J2EE will hit. The java comunity also is get bigger and bigger, lots of other languages developer shift to java language (im one of those... heheheh). But what I am scare about is that Java API also gets bigger in size, as soon as theres a new release, I hope java JSR community will make an action with it, because size does matter. the little the better and fast. Its nice to see new injection feature to the language but lets keep the language more simplier.  Java has a great impact to the world of computing.

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